Boston Yoga Teacher Ame Wren in Studio!

This morning on Good Morning Emerson our hosts Logan Reever and Maggie Morlath interviewed Boston yoga teacher Ame Wren, founder of the Boston Yoga School! Featured in the Yoga Journal and the Wanderlust Festival, and offers a wide variety of yoga activities for Bostonians, ranging from workshops and retreats to teacher trainings!

Ame Wren, winner of Boston's "Best Yoga Intructor" in 2010

Ame Wren, winner of Boston’s “Best Yoga Intructor” in 2010

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The Commuters’ Frustration with the MBTA; the MBTA’s Frustration with the Weather

Hosts Logan and Maggie interviewed Boston Globe journalist Dante Ramos–an expert on all things MBTA–on Good Morning Emerson on Tuesday! With all of the snow preventing the MBTA from running at the beginning of this month, Ramos was able to answer all the questions many people in the Boston area are asking.

Among these, Bostonians are wondering whether those shut downs the MBTA issued a few weeks ago were effective in fixing the issues that were caused by the over eight feet of snow dumped on Boston at the end of January and early February. According to Ramos, many people have felt that the shut downs haven’t fixed much, even with the extra servicing during those days on which the T was closed. He gave the MBTA credit for their efforts in restoring full service to a dated subway system that was crippled by the incessant weather. Despite their efforts, many commuters were and are frustrated that the system still is not fully functional even with the shutdowns.

Another issue that has been debated among locals is the prospect of Boston as the U.S. bid for the 2024 Olympics, and whether the city is capable of both housing and transporting enormous amounts of people. For many, the MBTA troubles with the snow has proved that the city’s transit system would not be able to support the event. On the other hand, Ramos conceded that the prospect of holding the Olympics in Boston would “force policy makers to update all of the equipment,” which would help the city in the long-run. However, exactly where the city will get the funds for such a project is up for debate–especially since many say that cut backs in the MBTA itself could provide some substantial funding.

Although the transit system has been a headache to commuters, Ramos stated the situation has shown drivers that their contributions for public transit are important in preventing “grinding” automotive traffic into the city. He asserts that Boston needs a “good working transit system” to make the commute for both train riders and drivers as painless as possible.

To catch the whole interview with Dante Ramos, check out this video!

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